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Data Integrity, Optimization, and Integration through world-class metering and software.

Customer Testimonial

“Gemini has paid for itself in the first 2 months by uncovering contract compliance issues."

- Major Houston-based E&P Client



Marcellus & Utica IoT Market-share 

71% Marcellus Utica IoT Market Share


months or less ROI

4.2 months ROI


largest Marcellus Utica operators use Gemini software

Oil & Gas Software
Oil & Gas Software

Gemini's revolutionary Metering and SaaS platform
is designed to give partners true confidence and control
over their Operations, Logistics, and Accounting. 

Gemini Shale Solution Workflow


data in action- real time fleet tracking (need to scrub wellpad names).jpeg

Our software solutions are based on the philosophy that software should be tailored for your business. Software isn’t a one size fits all solution. Our solutions are customizable to your individual business model. Leverage the Gemini building blocks to create your optimal software solution to drive measurable ROI.


  • SaaS

  • Water Community

Water Truck with Gemini Shale meter

Combining and innovating on existing technology and building comprehensive IoT to solve your business needs by partnering with world-class manufacturers to deliver industry leading products.


  • Level Detection

  • Condensate Detection

  • L.O.A.D.

  • Density Gauge

Chad Daloia , Tyler Yocca, Gemini Shale Team

With more than 20 years combined industry experience and a proven track record in logistics, operation and finance, we quickly execute solutions that drive business ROI.


  • Oil & Gas

  • Technical Team

Water trucks with Gemini Shale meters

Renewable and reusable energy sources are the gold standard for high performing organizations. Gemini is a leading innovator in critical mineral recovery and circular solutions and recycle. 

Circular Economy

  • Barite Recovery   

  • Water Sharing Community (REUSE)


Industries Served

Oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas

Fuel industry


rail industry


chemical industry



years of 


About Gemini

Gemini Shale Solutions was born out of necessity and opportunity. As an innovation and solutions company, Gemini is simply a customer obsessed organization. Our People, Our Partnerships and Our Purpose drive everything we do in every phase of our organization. We focus on niche spaces to truly differentiate our organization, to stay laser focused on critical areas in need of optimization within oil and gas, and to be a first mover in the sector as an innovator.

About Gemini
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