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Our software solutions are based on the philosophy that software should be tailored for your business. Software isn’t a one size fits all solution. Our SaaS platforms are customizable to your individual business model. Leverage the Gemini building blocks to create your optimal software solution to drive measurable ROI.

Software solutions


Fully integrated water logistics platform covering operations, regulatory and accounting functions. Including API integrations into your data analytics tools and accounting platforms.

data in action- real time fleet tracking (need to scrub wellpad names).jpeg
Gemini Shale software on water truck

Water Community

Building next generation level ESG solutions with a goal to exceed ESG benchmarks for recycle and reuse. We are delivering on ESG initiatives by facilitating and logically enabling water sharing agreements. With a goal of machine learning, Gemini intends to use logistical optimization to compete with even the cheapest conventional alternatives from within a given basin.

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