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Gemini Shale Hardware


Combining and innovating on existing technology and building comprehensive IoT to solve your business needs by partnering with world-class manufacturers to deliver industry leading products.

Level Detection

Extensive commissioning process performed on each truck, including 10 measurements, 3D mapping of trucks, and individual programming on every meter.

World- class, proven Rosemount technology combined with proprietary Gemini algorithms & technology to deliver the most reliable, advanced fluid agnostic truck measurement system on the market. 

No matter what of type of fluid hauled, what angle a truck is sitting on, Gemini delivers a precise volume reading.

Gemini Shale meter

Rapid Offload/Condensate Detection System

Gemini analytics offer valuable insight on condensate sources & enable logistical optimization. 

  • Offload system utilizes fluid dynamics and components already available on trucks to cut loading/ offloading times in half

  • No moving parts/ pumps to minimize downtime

  • Strong ESG harmony with minimal carbon impact

  • Minimal footprint…a fraction of the size of competitive systems

  • EXTREMELY cost effective compared to competitive systems

  • 80% cheaper than competitive technology with zero reduction in standards and expectations

  • Solution can be used on both FRAC and FLOWBACK: complete optimization of water logistics challenges

  • Pump-Assisted model provides flexibility for more complex pad designs when required

  • Minimal power requirements: entire system runs off of single light plant with extension cord

  • Minimal maintenance; bi-weekly scheduled

Density Gauge

Gemini analytics offer valuable insight into historical density patterns and enable logistical decisions to be optimized by understanding legal capacities that trucks will be able to meet.

Rigorous truck hauling laws & regulations create emphasis on understanding densities/weights of varying loads being moved. From 8lb. brine to 15lb. drilling mud, maximum legal capacities vary drastically from one fluid type to the next and even from one location to the next within the same fluid type. 

Gemini's truck mounted density gauge technology enables hauler operators to understand in real-time the density of their loads. More importantly, Gemini runs algoriths to show operators that based on their number of axels, route info, tank capacity, and fluid density, they can legally haul a specific amount of volume that they should be targeting during the load cycle.  

Water truck with Gemini Shale hardware
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