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Gemini’s Proactive, Achieve, and Remedy (PAR) chemical program delivers world class performance results…while maintaining a truly ESG focused “green” solution.


PAR Platform: Sustainable, Green Chemistry

Proactive – The Proactive Program solution is designed to coincide with new well TIL (Turn In Line) dates.  Our “Day One” program sets the stage for a long-term treatment strategy that will reduced chemical spend over the life of the well


Achieve – The Achieve Program solution is designed for wells in a traditional production curve model that have yet to reach “average or slightly below average” performance characteristics as compared to similar data within the wells depth and geological position


Remedy – The Remedy Program solution is designed for wells below production curve models or beyond one year of their production life.  This is an aggressive approach to quickly return wells to standards well above their current EUR model


Chemical Suite

Synthetic Acid

Paraffin Inhibitor

Scale Inhibitor / Dissolve

Corrosion Inhibitor

Our Approach

Tailored chemistry on a well-by-well basis

  • Blending: treatment methodology

    • Percentage of “recipe” ingredients, percent active of each ingredient with ranges of 5-25% resulting in $3-$4 dollar savings per gallon 

    • High end active:

      • Initial platform / aggressive treatment 

      • Kickoff platform to demonstrate benefit

    • Low end active:

      • Maintenance regiment

      • Partnership approach with client at lower % active

  • Data-Driven Approach

    • Hydrocarbon consideration

    • Production water data inclusion

    • 90 day historical data inclusion

    • Localized well comparison (new well vs. 90 day curve vs. 1000 day curve)

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